100 Haitian, Dominican Illegals Apprehended at Sea

100 Haitian, Dominican Illegals Apprehended at Sea
U.S. Coast Guard

Authorities patrolling U.S. waters apprehended more than 100 illegal aliens from Haiti and the Dominican Republic over the weekend.

Three maritime incursions were thwarted near Puerto Rico during a busy 24-hour period in the Caribbean Sea.

On Saturday night, a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) aircraft “sighted a grossly overloaded makeshift vessel in Mona Passage waters northwest of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico,” the USCG explained a press release.

A USCG cutter intercepted the vessel and took 57 passengers into custody, including 51 citizens of the Dominican Republic and six Haitians.

On Sunday morning, the USCG was alerted by a tugboat captain who had observed stowaways aboard a barge being towed south of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Two of the stowaways were rescued by Puerto Rican authorities after jumping into the sea, while 11 more hailing from the Dominican Republic and Haiti were removed from the barge.

They were all identified as “migrants.”

On Sunday night, a USCG aircrew spotted a “grossly overloaded makeshift vessel in the Mona Passage” near Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

A cutter crew took 34 illegal aliens into custody, all of whom “claimed to be Dominican Republic nationals,” according to the USCG.

On Monday, 101 of the illegal entrants were repatriated to the Dominican Republic.

The USCG seemingly cast doubt on the legitimacy of some of the illegals’ claims of being from the Dominican Republic amid concerns about increased migration out of Haiti due to explosive civil unrest and violent anarchy there.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic both lie on the island of Hispaniola, and Dominican authorities have escalated efforts to seal off the border and deport large numbers of Haitians in recent months.

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