Afghan Arrested for Stabbing Refugee Activists to Death at Islamic Center in Portugal

Afghan Arrested for Stabbing Refugee Activists to Death at Islamic Center in Portugal
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A migrant from Afghanistan was arrested after he allegedly stabbed two women to death at an Islamic center in Portugal this week, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded just before 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning in Lisbon.

Authorities were alerted about an attack at an Ismaili center in the city.

Responding officers encountered "a man armed with a large knife," the Public Security Police explained in a statement.

The suspect ignored orders to drop the weapon, instead advancing on officers who were forced to use their firearms to neutralize him without killing him.

Multiple people were seriously injured during the rampage, including two females who lost their lives.

"The fatal victims are two women of Portuguese nationality, aged between 20 and 40, who work at the center to help refugees. One would be the suspect's English teacher, the other a colleague," Diário de Noticias reports.

The younger victim was of "Afghan origin," according to El Mundo.

The suspect was later identified as a middle-aged male from Afghanistan who arrived in Portugal in 2021 after a stint in Greece.

He is reportedly the father of three children whose mother died at a refugee camp in Greece.

Local activists claim the man showed signs of "psychological problems" stemming from his wife's death.

Portuguese authorities warned against speculation about motives for the attack, claiming it was likely an 'isolated incident.'

"This man was the victim of his wife's death in a refugee camp in Greece," said Minister of Internal Administration José Luís Carneiro.

"Let's wait, but hasty analysis should be avoided because these moments demand a lot of serenity in the way the facts are observed and analyzed."

The suspect was taken to hospital for treatment.

An investigation is ongoing.

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