African Illegal Arrested After Trying to Purchase, Kidnap Child in Upstate NY

African Illegal Arrested After Trying to Purchase, Kidnap Child in Upstate NY
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An illegal alien from Africa was arrested after he tried to “purchase” a 5-year-old from its mother and attempted to lure the child into his car in upstate New York, authorities say.

The disturbing incident unfolded in the town of Perry on December 2, but Customs and Border Protection (CBP) just released details about the case this week.

A woman alerted the Perry Police Department that a man had offered to buy her kid and then tried to “entice the child into his vehicle” in an apparent kidnapping attempt, CBP explained in a statement.

Perry police arrested a 64-year-old man called Monji Jelassi whose only identification was a foreign-issued International Driver’s License.

On December 6, agents in Border Patrol’s Buffalo Sector confirmed that Jelassi was illegally present in the United States on an expired visa.

He was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and is being held at a federal facility in Batavia, NY.

Jelassi will reportedly be subject to a deportation hearing at an undisclosed time in the future.

“Removing this individual is a matter of public safety and aligns with the interests of our law enforcement partners to remove predators and other dangerous people from our communities,” said Buffalo Sector Patrol Agent in Charge David Banks.

It is unclear how long Jelassi has been staying in the U.S. or when his visa expired.

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