Alejandro Mayorkas: Biden's Hatchet Man on the Border

Alejandro Mayorkas: Biden's Hatchet Man on the Border
Department of Homeland Security

"Our approach to managing the borders securely and humanely even within our fundamentally broken immigration system is working. Unlawful entries between ports of entry along the southwest border have consistently decreased by more than half compared to the peak before the end of Title 42.”

Thus proclaimed Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on July 26.

How did Mayorkas get unlawful entries to decrease by “more than half”?

Simply by rerouting the flow, by figuring out “legal” ways to funnel many migrants through ports of entry, so they aren’t counted as illegal alien "encounters."

Are the borders, as Mayorkas says, being managed “securely and humanely”?

Millions of unvetted migrants have crossed our border and have been released into the country.

But that’s not a failure – it’s administration policy.

So the mission is being accomplished.

Mayorkas himself said,In the Department of Homeland Security, I issued a memo very early on that we would not use the term 'illegal alien' when speaking of these individuals. We use the term non-citizen.”

The term “non-citizen” is not a synonym of “illegal alien." Legal immigrants with “green cards” are not citizens, but they are not illegal either.

Why would a public official blur this important legal distinction?

Once again, it’s administration policy.

Mayorkas is a veteran of Obama's DHS, having served as Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (2009–2013) and DHS Deputy Secretary (2013–2016).

For a sample of his work back then, check out what he did with the EB-5 “Cash-for-Visas” Immigrant Investor Program.

Michelle Malkin wrote about that in a 2015 article entitled, "The Green-Card Racket for Beltway Cronies." Some players in this scheme included Nevada Senator Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham, and GOP insider Haley Barbour.

Also in 2015, then-Vice President Biden touted an “unrelenting stream of immigration" and the “Great Replacement" – wonderful things if you support them or dangerous conspiracy theories if you question them.

Mayorkas can be seen grinning next to Biden as he makes those remarks:

Getting back to the July 26 hearing, an exchange worth watching is Mayorkas being questioned by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida's 1st District.

Gaetz is well-informed on the current border situation, including the shell game of rerouting illegal aliens to bring encounter numbers down. And he knows about the processing centers set up in other countries to bring people here.

Here are some good quotes from Gaetz.

On the Mayorkas Doctrine:  

“The Mayorkas Doctrine is this: If you show up at the border and get released into the country, if you don’t commit a specific aggravated felony – which, by the way, doesn’t include a lot of assault and battery, doesn’t include a lot of bad domestic violence – but if you’re not one of the people who commit those crimes, you get to stay forever.”

On the CBPOne App:

“…you’ve taken this app and you’ve digitized illegal immigration. This app that you’ve got everybody downloading is like the Disney Fast Pass into the country, never to be subject to actual removal, just ‘removal proceedings’ as you call them. That app doesn’t do any search of their criminal history in their home country does it?”

Here’s a Mayorkas quote with a Gaetz response.

Mayorkas: “The point of safe, orderly and lawful pathways is to reduce the number of encounters at our southwest border.”

Gaetz: “But wait a second, you’ve just shifted those encounters. Because right now, for the first time in modern history, more people are showing up at the ports of entry than run through some bush in Yuma, Arizona. And the reason they’re showing up at the ports of entry is because you’ve got the turnstile open. So long as they’ve gone and downloaded this app, you just let ‘em in.”

Throughout Gaetz’ five-minute onslaught, Mayorkas remained calm, cool and collected, simply denying anything negative.

Why not? Mayorkas is winning.

The Biden Border Rush is administration policy. It’s working.

Meanwhile, Republican congressional leadership can’t or won’t do anything to stop the surge or even slow it down.

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