ANOTHER Massive Group of Illegals Slams El Paso

ANOTHER Massive Group of Illegals Slams El Paso
U.S. Border Patrol

Yet another group of illegal aliens estimated to be around 1,000 strong swarmed the border in El Paso this week, according to reports.

For at least the third time in a month, a massive group of migrants gathered to force entry into the Texas city, with most successfully reaching U.S. soil and surrendering to border authorities.

“Happening now—large groups continue to turn themselves in at the border. We want to remind migrants that coming into the US between the ports of entry is ILLEGAL & those who do are subject to expulsion or removal,” Anthony Good, chief of U.S. Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector, announced on social media on Wednesday.

Local reporters on the Mexico side of the border estimated the crowd size at approximately 1,000 people at the time of the surge.

El Paso Sector agents have been encountering more than 1,000 illegal aliens on a daily basis this month.

On March 29, a mob of 1,000 illegal aliens were apprehended during another coordinated invasion of El Paso.

The incursion was reportedly triggered when rumors began circulating on social media that migrants who entered the U.S. via a specific gate would be allowed to stay in the country.

While it is unclear how many migrants, if any, were expelled from the U.S. following the March 29 incident, new reports indicate a large number were bused or flown to other cities along the border.

U.S. authorities are bracing for a major escalation on the southwest frontier at the anticipated end of Title 42 in mid-May.

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