Biden All-In Supporting Ukraine - But What About Our Border?

Biden All-In Supporting Ukraine - But What About Our Border?
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“One year later, Kyiv stands. And Ukraine stands. Democracy stands. The Americans stand with you, and the world stands with you.”

Thus declared President Biden on his visit to Kiev/Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. Biden met that country’s leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy and pledged more help for Ukraine in its war with Russia.

The Ukraine-Russia war is indeed a tragedy which has brought about massive death and destruction.

I wish it would end today. The longer this war goes on, the more it threatens to drag the United States into a maelstrom, risking a direct U.S.-Russia confrontation, which could actually result in a nuclear exchange.

And consider this angle. Our president makes it a major priority to travel to a dangerous region in order to declare his support for a nation which has been invaded. But simultaneously Biden is aiding and abetting the invasion of his own country.

Isn’t that rather unseemly? I think so.

Yes, there are differences. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was carried out with tanks, artillery and warplanes.

The invasion of the United States is being carried out by millions of illegal aliens, about half of whom are waved into the country, probably never to depart.

What’s amazing is that the administration pretends this is normal.

Consider Chris Wallace’s recent interview with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on CNN.

Wallace: “What does secure mean to you? It certainly doesn’t mean that people aren’t able to get across the border illegally?”

Mayorkas: “Of course not. By that measure the border has never been secure, right? Since the Department of Homeland Security was created, individuals have invaded...”

There are always people breaking laws.

But there’s a difference between, say, hundreds crossing the border and thousands, or between thousands and tens of thousands, etc.

Notice, too, that Mayorkas actually used the word “invaded." I thought we weren’t supposed to call it an “invasion."

Back to the interview.

Wallace: “By what measure is it [the border] secure now?”

Mayorkas: “So there is not a common definition of that.”

Sounds like that Supreme Court nominee who couldn’t define what a woman is!

Wallace: “What’s your definition?”

Mayorkas: “Our goal is to achieve operational control of the border to do everything that we can to support our personnel with the resources, the technology, the policies that really advance the security of the border and do not come at the cost of the values of our country.”

So, it is administration policy to do things on the border but not violate our “values."

Nothing there about preventing a mass invasion of the border, though.

Wallace brings up the current state of the border – the masses of people crossing, camping out in the U.S., and being bussed to New York City.  

“By those standards, it is not a secure border," Wallace said.

Mayorkas: “The vast majority of those individuals have not sought to evade law enforcement but have actually surrendered themselves to law enforcement and made a claim for relief under our laws.”

Well, yes, because they know they have a good chance of being released on U.S. soil and not deported!

When Mayorkas says the border is secure, he has a different definition of “secure” than most of us.

However, consider that Mayorkas is just carrying out Biden administration policy.

According to a Gallup poll released on February 13, “Americans’ satisfaction with the level of immigration into the U.S. has fallen six percentage points over the past year, from 34% in January 2022 to 28% today.”

On the other hand, 63% are dissatisfied with immigration. A majority of that percentage (64%, representing 40% of the general adult population) wants a reduction in immigration. According to the poll, only 8% of the general population wants an increase in immigration.

Regardless of the administration’s contradictory and self-serving statements on the matter, our border is a disaster. The American public knows it and doesn’t like it.

That sounds like an opportunity for an opposition party. If only we could find one!

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