Bloody Knife Fight at Brussels Train Station

Bloody Knife Fight at Brussels Train Station
Andrzej Otrębski | Wikimedia Commons

A French police officer intervened when a man was stabbed during a knife fight at a busy train station in Belgium this week, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded at around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union.

Two suspects began fighting with blades at Brussels-Midi station in the municipality of Saint-Gilles.

Security guards attempted to subdue a "yelling" combatant armed with a "big butcher's knife" after he slashed his adversary, a witness told RTL.

"I saw another young man on the ground, bloodied in the face, in the hands. Another gentleman arrived to knock him down. I admire his courage," she said.

The man who brought down the crazed suspect turned out to be an plainclothes police officer from France who was passing through the station.

"I arrived at 9:40 a.m. at the station, and I saw this man in the middle armed with a knife. He was shouting," the officer told RTL.

"I intervened immediately and subdued the armed man with the help of two security guards. I immobilized him and handcuffed him."

The officer said bystanders were immobilized with shock at the terrifying scene, not daring to intercede.

"When we see that, we always fear the worst," he explained. "There was blood everywhere."

The injured man was taken to hospital and both suspects were reportedly arrested then released.

"Brussels is becoming increasingly unsafe due to mass immigration," Flemish MP Sam van Rooy told Infowars Europe.

"As in other major cities in Western Europe, knife attacks are on the rise. The more diverse a city becomes, the more disturbance and crime there is."

The disturbing episode comes just days after an African migrant stabbed multiple victims at Gare du Nord in Paris.

Last week, a suspect wielding a club studded with nails was arrested following a tense standoff with police in Matongewijk, a neighborhood known as the "African quarter" of Brussels.

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