Boatloads of Illegals Swarming San Diego Shores

Boatloads of Illegals Swarming San Diego Shores
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A boat carrying illegal aliens was intercepted in San Diego waters just hours after another vessel full of illegals landed at hotel in the same area, according to reports.

On Sunday morning, a pleasure craft carrying around 10 people reportedly slammed into a fuel dock at the Hyatt Hotel in Mission Bay.

Eight suspects were arrested and taken to a Customs and Border Protection facility for processing, Fox 5 reports.

A short time later, another smuggling boat was interdicted at the entrance to Mission Bay by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

“This one never made it to a dock unlike the one reported earlier that crashed into the Hyatt fuel dock,” local journalist Amy Reichart reported on Tuesday, citing an inside source.

“The U.S. Coast Guard transferred 7 people from Mexico to the Border Patrol.”

As Reichert pointed out, many illegals who choose to enter the U.S. by such covert means often do so because their criminal records or deportation histories could likely lead to their removal.

The USCG Southern California says 21 suspected smuggling operations involving 106 people were detected between July 1 and 7.

“Alarmingly, 6 tried to swim to the USA,” USCG SoCal stated on social media.

On July 1, three smuggling boats reportedly landed on San Diego beaches but no suspects were located at the time.

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