British Couple Brushed Off by French Police After Migrants Break Into Their Camper

British Couple Brushed Off by French Police After Migrants Break Into Their Camper
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A British couple says they were repeatedly brushed off by French police after trying to report migrants who had broken into their travel camper, according to reports.

The incident unfolded recently in Caen, a commune in Normandy near the English Channel.

Bruce and Catherine Broughton say they were shopping for wine at a store in the port following a vacation in France when another patron warned them two men had forced entry into their caravan.

The Broughtons say their vehicle showed clear signs of damage which they reported to French officers on patrol.

"The gendarmes came out and said, 'ne personne,' meaning there was no one there," Catherine told the Daily Mail. "The officers were just mumbling to themselves saying there was no one there and acting as if we were just wasting their time."

"But when we walked into the caravan I could see within seconds there was someone hiding under the duvet."

Broughton says the 'stowaway' exited the camper and they pressed officers to perform another search to check for other uninvited guests, which they reluctantly did.

A second migrant was found hiding under the bed.

The Broughtons declined to press charges against the men, despite "quite a bit of damage" to the camper.

"I spoke to the second boy in my rudimentary Arabic. One was called Mohammed and the other was called Omar. I'd estimate they were between 17-20 years of age and they were clearly desperate," Catherine said.

"I felt really sorry for them. I gave him a bag of food which he was clearly delighted with."

"He wouldn't tell me where they were from but I think they may have been from one of the sub-Saharan countries, possibly Sudan," she explained.

The men were eventually "shooed off" and the officers moved on.

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