Cartel Mountain and the Invasion of New Mexico

Cartel Mountain and the Invasion of New Mexico
Border Hawk

Border Hawk takes you to one of the most dangerous places along the U.S.-Mexico frontier: Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Sunland Park lies directly across the border from Puerto de Anapra, a ‘colonia’ in Ciudad Juarez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Anapra is one of the poorest communities in Juarez, a de facto squatter settlement where thousands of people live in self-built shelters lacking basic services or infrastructure.

Many U.S.-bound migrants pass through Anapra before illegally crossing the border, often climbing over the international barrier, walking through gaps where the wall is non-existent, or by hiking Mount Cristo Rey - referred to locally as ‘Cartel Mountain.’

Popular with outdoor enthusiasts and Catholic pilgrims, Mt. Cristo Rey has been transformed into a hotbed for criminal activity and human smuggling.

Signage in the mountain’s parking lot advises prospective hikers to notify Sunland Park police before embarking on a climb.

“Due to the proximity of Mexico on the Southern edge of the mountain, visitors are cautioned to not climb alone and always go in groups. Vandalism, assaults and robberies are still an ongoing problem and visitors are encouraged to visit on days when organized events are being held and security is on site,” an alert on the Mt. Cristo Rey website states.

Referring to criminal networks and illegal migrants taking control of the mountain, Border Patrol agents recently asserted, “It’s not ours. It’s theirs.”

Border Hawk climbed Cartel Mountain multiple times and witnessed an endless stream of illegals making their way into Sunland Park with the assistance of ‘coyotes’ and ‘falcones’ - cartel operatives who guide migrants on their journey into the U.S.

Local schools have been locked down on numerous occasions due to dangerous smuggling activity and illegal aliens storming the premises.

We spent days driving the desert in New Mexico and nearby El Paso, encountering group after group of illegals entering the U.S.

Because many of these incursions were undetected, we alerted Border Patrol on multiple occasions, leading to the apprehension of some illegals while others managed to disappear before agents could locate them.

As Texas continues to ramp up enforcement along its southern border, illegal migration flows are being redirected into neighboring New Mexico, where Border Patrol resources are stretched thin and local law enforcement does little to help.

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