Chaos in NYC as Male Illegals Refuse Transfer From Hotel to New Shelter

Chaos in NYC as Male Illegals Refuse Transfer From Hotel to New Shelter
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Adult male illegal aliens caused major disruptions after learning they were being moved out of a New York City hotel and into a new shelter over the weekend, according to reports.

Dozens of illegal migrants and activists defiantly protested outside the Watson Hotel in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan after buses showed up to move the men to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on Sunday night.

The men have been living in the hotel but are being relocated in order to make space for entire families of illegal aliens who have been staying at another hotel in the city.

However, instead of graciously accepting the temporary arrangement at the ferry terminal — where they are slated to receive free meals, laundry and medical services, and other perks — the migrants staged a coup and vowed to sleep on the sidewalk instead.

“They feel that it’s not livable,” one activist told the New York Post.

“The hotel won’t let them in so they’re planning to sleep here.”

At least a dozen police officers were deployed to the Watson to monitor unrest and control the crowd.

More than 41,000 ‘asylum seekers’ have arrived in New York City since last spring.

Mayor Eric Adams recently announced the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal will be used to temporarily accommodate 1,000 adult male migrants.

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