Child Drowns After Family of Illegal Aliens Swept Away in Rio Grande

Child Drowns After Family of Illegal Aliens Swept Away in Rio Grande
U.S. Border Patrol

A 7-year-old girl has died after a “family group” of illegal aliens were swept away while crossing the Rio Grande into the U.S. over the weekend, authorities say.

The tragic incident unfolded at around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) and supporting agencies were notified about a group of migrants who unsuccessfully attempted to cross the border river and were caught in the currents.

A TxDPS Tactical Marine Unit (TMU) pulled two minors from the water, both of whom were unresponsive.

“A 17-year-old male was found & recovered from the river in critical condition,” TxDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez explained in a statement.

“At 9:05 am, DPS TMU recovered an unresponsive 7-year-old female child from the river. Both victims were transported to Fort Duncan Regional Hospital, where the 7-year-old succumbed to the drowning.”

While initial reports indicated only two children were involved, Olivarez’s update suggests a third victim may still be missing.

An investigation is ongoing.

The historic surge of illegal aliens across the southern border brought on by the Biden regime has contributed to a massive spike in migrant injuriesdeaths, and drownings, as Infowars frequently reports.

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