Christmas Nativity Set Up on Border to Promote Invasion Agenda

Christmas Nativity Set Up on Border to Promote Invasion Agenda
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It’s the Christmas season!

That means it’s time for the Mainstream Media and Mass Immigration Activists (do I repeat myself?) to try to guilt trip American Christians into supporting the invasion of their country.

Get ready to hear nonsensical and pseudo-pious arguments such as the one claiming Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus were illegal immigrants.

One outrageous example is La Sagrada Familia (the Holy Family), which portrays Joseph, Mary and the Christ Child in the form of Latin American illegal aliens sneaking across the border.

Kelly Latimore is the artist of La Sagrada Familia, and he said he painted it the day after Donald Trump’s 2016 election triumph.

In an interview with the Episcopal News Service, Latimore said, “In the era before the 2016 election, you could just kind of tell what was coming, that the country – and unfortunately a lot of Christians – was becoming very anti-immigrant and anti-stranger.”

“Most of these people that come into the southern border are possibly having the same feelings and emotions that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were having 2,000 years ago.”

Latimore’s interview was published in June of 2021, when the Biden Border Rush was already in full swing.

Nowadays, sneaking across the border is not even necessary for many illegal migrants.  They just walk into our country and are rewarded for it.

With the scheduled end of Title 42 on December 21, the situation looks to get even worse.

On December 11, 2022, Reuters covered activity at a live nativity scene on the U.S.-Mexico border.

A nativity scene is a visual representation of the scene of Christ’s birth. It is a beloved artistic manifestation of Christmas existing in many cultures, including Spanish-speaking countries.

“Participants of  ‘Posada sin fronteras’, or Posada without borders, stood in Tijuana and San Diego, from where they sang carols and recreated the nativity scene. The Mexican posada is a get-together to commemorate the story of Mary and Joseph's search for shelter on Christmas Eve. Posadas take place in the nine days leading up to Christmas,” Reuters reported.

What they are doing here is using a religious/cultural custom that has one meaning (the incarnation of Christ), to further a political agenda (the right of all non-Americans to invade the United States).

This particular nativity scene was a “live" one in which the Holy Family was portrayed by the migrants themselves.

Artwork was placed on the border wall, along with the slogan "Todos Somos Migrantes," which translates to “We are all migrants" – a patent untruth used to further an agenda.

The Reuters video also includes an interview with Patrick Murphy, director of a migrant shelter called Casa del Migrante (House of the Migrant).

“The importance is to create a conscience, to wake people up, to explain what is happening here at the border, that they’re very good people here, who want to cross because they have no other options in life. And for the last three years they’ve not been able to look for asylum because it’s been closed. And there’s a hope that after December 21, when Title 42 is finished, they can have that opportunity again,” Murphy said.

So there you have it, American Christian. Allow the entire world to invade your country or you are evil.

Are these activists correct?

As an American Christian myself, I disagree.

The function of the Church and the function of the State are not the same.

The function of the Church is to teach and practice the Gospel.

The function of the State is to protect its citizens.

The current Biden Border Rush produces chaos and violence. It enables gangsters. It kills people.

If you really want to help poor folks in other countries, help them in their own countries. Your dollar would actually go further and you could aid more people.

Enjoy Christmas with your family and help the needy.

And don’t let Pro-Invasion activists guilt trip you for supporting a sane immigration policy.

Merry Christmas!

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