Ciudad Juarez Fire Kills Dozens - Who Is to Blame?

Ciudad Juarez Fire Kills Dozens - Who Is to Blame?
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A fire at a Mexican detention center in Ciudad Juarez – across the border from El Paso – killed 39 people and wounded 29.

What happened and who is blame?

The fire occurred March 27, 2023.

Detainees from Central America and South America were protesting inside the detention facility.

What were they protesting? They thought they were either going to be moved to another facility in Tapachula, located in the state of Chiapas at the Guatemala border, or possibly deported to their home countries. So they protested.

One of the illegal alien detainees set a mattress ablaze, and the fire soon got out of control.

Female detainees in another section were released. But 68 men being held there were not.

Not only that, but video has shown guards leaving without releasing the male detainees.

The Mexican government has issued arrest warrants for six in the case: three officials from the Mexican immigration agency (INM), two private security guards, and the Venezuelan accused of starting the fire.

When Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) visited Ciudad Juarez on March 31, migrants attacked the van he was traveling in and tried to stop it. There are thousands of illegal aliens in Ciudad Juarez planning to cross over to El Paso.

So who is at fault for this tragedy? There is plenty of blame to go around.

The Biden Administration

The Biden administration, by its policies, has made it clear to millions of Latin Americans that if they can just make it into the United States, they stand a good chance of not being deported.

Our government’s management of the border is creating a moral hazard, inspiring people to do dangerous things in order to get into the U.S.

Many other illegal aliens crossing Mexico to get to the U.S. have died for various reasons. If they had stayed home, most of these people would most likely still be alive.

The Mexican Government

Mexican immigration policy is a contradictory mess. How about one coherent policy?

The Guards Who Abandoned the Prisoners

That’s obvious. There’s also an accusation that they were told to abandon the prisoners.

The Prisoners Who Rioted and the One Who Started the Fire

This Venezuelan detainee started a fire in a detention center. What did he think would happen?

I guess he thought setting the blaze would get them released, or at least not deported. But starting a fire when you’re detained in a building is a very bad idea.

But illegal aliens have a very entitled mentality, and are quite demanding.  If their demands aren’t met, they act as though it were a grave injustice.

A memorial was set up outside the building where the fire took place. Other migrants are standing vigil there, demanding the truth.

I’m for revealing the truth.

But note how Venezuelan migrant Jose Cubillan practically justifies the setting of the fire: “People have to understand we are human beings. People wanted to leave because they locked them up and were going to deport them. The desperation of being taken to Tapachula [in Chiapas] made them put pressure to be released. They set fire to a mattress to see if they would be released.”

There you see it – the entitled and demanding attitude of the illegal aliens. If they don’t get everything they want, it’s a major injustice.

In this case (and in others) this entitled attitude had a tragic result.

It led to dozens of deaths.

The Biden Border Rush is a continent-wide humanitarian disaster.

If you really want to help poor folks in other countries, help them there. Your dollar goes further, for one thing.

But by encouraging them to make the trek to the U.S. across various countries, you are encouraging them to put their lives at risk – and that’s aside from problems our border situation causes for the people of the United States of America.

Will this horrible incident teach our leaders a lesson? I doubt it.

To them, dead Latin Americans are simply collateral damage in their drive to change the demographics of our country for political ends.

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