EU Illegal Migration Hits Highest Level Since 2016 Crisis

EU Illegal Migration Hits Highest Level Since 2016 Crisis
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The number of illegal migrants entering the European Union has surged to the highest level since the 2016 migration crisis, according to Frontex.

New data released by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency shows the continent is in the midst of another major invasion, amid a slew of other existential threats looming on the horizon.

More than 228,240 'irregular entries' were recorded across six major 'routes' through the first nine months of 2022, a 70% increase over the same period last year and the highest tally since 2016.

The Western Balkan route is experiencing the most overall traffic, as well as the highest rate of increase (170%), with just shy of 106,400 illegal migrants detected.

The Eastern Mediterranean route has also seen a massive surge in illegal migration (118%), along with the Central Mediterranean route (42%).

While the Western Mediterranean route has seen a decline in traffic (-34%), more than 104,000 illegal migrants have entered Europe via the Med.

The vast majority of migrants illegally entering Europe hail from Africa, the Middle East, and southern Asian countries where Islam is the dominant religion.

Incredibly, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has little to do with the explosion of illicit border crossings, as Frontex does not count people fleeing the war-torn country in this data set.

"According to the latest Frontex data, more than 11 million Ukrainian nationals have entered EU from Ukraine since the start of the war. At the same time, a significant number of Ukrainian nationals have returned to their country," the agency explains.

Frontex figures likely illuminate only a small segment of the broader story, as many more migrants make their way into Europe without being detected.

Hungary recently reported that nearly 200,000 illegal entries have been thwarted at its borders so far this year.

Prior to the onset of the COVID crisis and related border closures, illegal migration into Europe was soaring, along with asylum applications.

In mid-2020, Europol predicted a flood of migration from third world countries heavily affected by global lockdowns and economic deceleration.

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