EXCLUSIVE: Groundbreaking First Look INSIDE Migrant Shelter In Mexico

EXCLUSIVE: Groundbreaking First Look INSIDE Migrant Shelter In Mexico
Border Hawk

Take an exclusive look inside a migrant shelter in Mexico as Border Hawk becomes the first American media team to bring cameras into the facility before we are forced to leave under advisement of our security team.

Border Hawk visited La Casa del Migrante in Piedras Negras, a shelter run by NGOs and religious organizations through which tens of thousands of illegal aliens have passed on their way into Eagle Pass, Texas.

Approximately 200 migrants hailing primarily from Central and South America were staying at the shelter when we arrived, but up to a thousand can be found there at any time during the biggest surges of illegal crossings in the region.

Watch as one man tells us he has already secured an appointment to enter the U.S. via the CBP One app and plans to link up with his family in California where a hotel job awaits him. 

During much of 2023, the shelter served as a gathering point for migrants who briefly recharged their bodies and cell phone batteries before receiving GPS coordinates directing them where to illegally cross the Rio Grande en masse.

Despite a lull in migrant traffic in Piedras Negras in recent months — due to crackdowns by authorities on both sides of the border — numbers are beginning to increase again as the weather improves and a bottleneck of migrants in southern Mexico releases ahead of a likely “spring surge.”

While interviewing top Mexican border reporters Efraín González and Auden Cabello in the courtyard of the shelter, a group of hostile men began to encircle our team, with one flashing a large knife handle at our security detail, who advised we exit the facility immediately.

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