EXCLUSIVE: Groups of Illegals Stroll Into New Mexico

EXCLUSIVE: Groups of Illegals Stroll Into New Mexico
Wid Lyman | Border Hawk

A surge of illegal border crossings is unfolding in New Mexico amid increased enforcement on both sides of the border in nearby El Paso, Texas.

On Saturday, Border Hawk filmed groups of illegal aliens strolling into the United States under the guidance of ‘coyotes.’

“Not even a semblance of barrier in this area. No Border Patrol nearby. Nothing to stop them or the group that came after them. Coyotes and smugglers having a field day here in Sunland Park, NM,” we wrote on social media.

We later observed illegals turning themselves in to Border Patrol and noticed that some of them appeared very ill and were vomiting.

While a relative crackdown does seem to be in progress in the El Paso area, a substantial number of illegal crossings are still taking place, many with the assistance of federal and local authorities.

On Thursday night, around 30 illegals were ushered by officials through a gate in the border barrier and quietly whisked away in vans apparently owned by the El Paso County Sheriff.

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