Germany: Santa Claus Attacked by Mob of Jihadists Declaring ‘This Is Our Country’

Germany: Santa Claus Attacked by Mob of Jihadists Declaring ‘This Is Our Country’
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A man in a Santa Claus outfit was attacked by a mob of teens who told him they were Muslims and that Germany was their country as witnesses cheered and laughed, according to reports. 

The shocking incident unfolded in the city of Hesse on December 6 but details just came to light this week. 

A 54-year-old man identified as Rainer B. traveled by tram to a gig playing St. Nicholas at the Christmas market in the city center, Bild reports.

Dressed in full costume and carrying a wooden rod and bag of treats, Rainer was walking along Untere Königsstraße when he was approached by half a dozen foreign youths. 

“Five or six teenagers came up to me from across the street and asked me to take off my costume because this was ‘their country,'” Rainer explained.

“They said they were Muslims, then pulled me until my cloak tore. They insulted me as a ‘fatass’ and a ‘son of a bitch.’ One grabbed me by the neck.”

During the assault, the man defended himself using his rod as a weapon, forcing them to flee.

No witnesses came to the victim’s aid, but many reportedly laughed and some even applauded.

Rainer, who works as an excavator driver and has taken great pride in playing Santa Claus since the 1990s, says he went on to fulfill his obligations that evening in a costume that was badly damaged and while suffering from mild injuries.

Authorities say they are investigating whether the attack was ‘politically motivated.’

InfoWars frequently covers violent crimes committed by foreign suspects in Germany.

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