Here We Go Again: Hundreds of Illegals Storm Border Fence in El Paso

Here We Go Again: Hundreds of Illegals Storm Border Fence in El Paso
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Stunning footage has emerged showing a massive group of illegal aliens swarming and destroying fencing along the southern border in Texas over the weekend.

The latest ‘border riot’ in the El Paso area unfolded on Friday as National Guard soldiers and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers looked on.

Hundreds of illegals charged through a makeshift barrier erected a few yards from the permanent international wall, video published by Univision correspondent Pedro Ultreras on Tuesday night shows.

Men can be seen using a broken section of fencing as a ladder to scale up and over a partition where the concertina wire had been ripped down.

“More than 300 migrants forced their way into the US from Juárez to El Paso this [weekend], overwhelming the national guard [and] tearing down the concertina fence,” Ultreras reported.

It is unclear what transpired after the incursion but some of the violators could face criminal charges, according to reports.

“The incentives are too many and no border barrier will contain them forever,” border reporter Auden Cabello asserted on Wednesday after watching the footage.

“This was much worse than what Jennie Taer and James Breeden documented several weeks ago in the same area.”

On March 21, National Guardsmen were overrun by hundreds of violent illegals who assaulted soldiers with impunity in a shocking scene captured on camera at Gate 36 in the border wall in El Paso.

While over 200 illegals who participated in the mob attack were charged with rioting, some were released into the U.S. – including at least two identified as “instigators.”

U.S. authorities are still bringing illegal aliens through Gate 36, as immigration news outlet Border Hawk recently documented.

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