Honduran Illegal Arrested for Raping 14-Year-Old Girl at Knifepoint, Stabbing Man During Robbery In Louisiana

Honduran Illegal Arrested for Raping 14-Year-Old Girl at Knifepoint, Stabbing Man During Robbery In Louisiana
Kenner Police Department

An illegal alien from Honduras has been apprehended following multiple violent crimes in Louisiana this month, authorities say.

On Tuesday, the Kenner Police Department announced Angel Matias Castellanos-Orellana, 19, was arrested and charged with first-degree rape, armed robbery, aggravated battery, and aggravated assault in relation to two separate incidents.

In early February, Castellanos-Orellana allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl at knifepoint in Kenner, a city in the New Orleans suburbs.

The victim reported the brutal attack to local police, who identified the Honduran as the primary suspect and issued a warrant for his arrest last week.

While Castellanos-Orellana was still on the loose, he is believed to have stabbed a man during an armed robbery in Kenner on February 25.

At around 3:15 a.m. on Sunday, the victim was exiting his vehicle outside his residence when the suspect approached him and demanded he turn over valuables.

The suspect then stabbed the man multiple times in the face and back.

“Police searching the area found Castellanos covered in blood and standing in the middle of the street, authorities said. He matched the description of the robber and was taken into custody,” NOLA reports.

Authorities discovered Castellanos-Orellana was already wanted in the rape case and he was hit with charges for both attacks.

“Illegal immigrants continue to be a challenge to local law enforcement for many reasons. Lack of access to data, false identification and language barriers put local law enforcement at a huge disadvantage. We cannot verify if an illegal alien is giving correct information as it pertains to names and date of births. It is not only a drain on police manpower, but a financial drain on local law enforcement’s budgets and taxpayer’s money,” said Kenner Police Chief Keith A. Conley in a statement.

“In a 25-day period, this illegal alien caused terror in our community. We are glad he is off our streets, but will he be back? Will he have a new identity? What other crimes has he committed since he crossed our borders?”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has lodged a detainer against Castellanos-Orellana, who has reportedly used multiple aliases in the past.

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