How Do the Alternative Presidential Candidates Approach Immigration and Border Security?

How Do the Alternative Presidential Candidates Approach Immigration and Border Security?
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In the United States, there are two major political parties and a variety of minor parties. It's been that way a long time. 

From time to time, colorful characters have run for president outside of the major parties, but it is very difficult for them to win.

An election defeat doesn't necessarily mean a candidate has failed. Their ideas can still penetrate the mainstream and maybe even be adopted by a large party. 

By now, we are quite familiar with the border and immigration policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. They’ve both been president, so we can easily compare what their administrations have actually done.

However, let's see what non-major party candidates have to say regarding immigration and border control.


As a member of America’s Royal Kennedy Family, RFK Jr. has attracted a lot of attention. 

He is presented as “independent of the broken two party system and the corporate corruption of our government."

RFK Jr. has criticized the current state of the border.   

On his campaign website, there is a section entitled "The Humanitarian Crisis At Our Southern Border" which highlights many of the problems with the Biden border.

“A pool of cheap, exploitable labor lowers the floor for all labor, putting downward pressure on wages and harming the American working class,” RFK Jr. says.

His solutions are to “tighten border security," “get on top of asylum claims,” and “work with the Mexican government."

Kennedy says Mexico’s people and government “desperately want to be free of the plague of cartel violence.” 

I don’t know. The leftist MORENA party running Mexico doesn’t seem to care much about cartel violence and it was just overwhelmingly re-elected!   

As for working with Mexico, will that be Biden-style working with Mexico, or Trump-style? It makes a difference. 

Kennedy says, “When we also expand legal immigration, migrants will rationally choose the legal path instead of putting their families’ lives at the mercy of criminals.”

No. It’s time to shut down illegal AND legal immigration, which are now just two sides of the same mass immigration coin. 


President Trump addressed the Libertarian Party at their convention and offered them a chance to nominate him as their candidate. But they turned him down and nominated Chase Oliver instead. So they’ll likely receive a couple of percentage points in the general election and feel very good about themselves. 

On their platform, the Libertarians call for open borders: “Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders.”

Unrestricted movement?

Yes, all those illegals crossing our borders are coming here for limited government, right? They will all refuse to benefit from public assistance or affirmative action, right?

The Libertarians claim to “seek a world of liberty,” but mass immigration is making America a less free country and increasing the size of the state. 

In other words, their open borders policy brings about the exact opposite of their supposed goals.


In order to balance out his ticket, Dr. West, a left-wing black activist, chose left-wing black activist Dr. Melina Abdullah as his running mate.

Maybe Dr. West, as an ADOS (American Descendant of Slavery) will recognize the problems mass immigration causes for ADOS blacks and call for an immigration shutdown. 

Sorry, but no. 

Dr. West’s campaign website has a section on “Immigration Justice” which includes a call to “abolish ICE and demilitarize the southern border."

At this point, how difficult would that be?


Jill Stein is the candidate of the Green Party. 

The “Social Justice” section of the Green Party platform has much to say about immigration. 

The Green Party opposes “militarization of our borders” and “building a wall." In fact, the Greens want the current wall dismantled. 

The Greens oppose E-Verify, English-only legislation, and employer sanctions. 

So there’s a definite pattern here. 

The Greens want eventual citizenship for illegal aliens working in the United States, and “permanent border passes to all citizens of Latin America and Canada."


The election is less than five months away. Consider the candidates carefully. 

You can find more of Allan Wall's work at his website and Mexico News Report.

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