How Will Mexico's New President Claudia Sheinbaum Be on Immigration?

How Will Mexico's New President Claudia Sheinbaum Be on Immigration?
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The Mexican presidential election was held June 2.

The winner was Claudia Sheinbaum. She defeated her nearest opponent (also a woman) by 30 points.

¡Felicidades, Claudia Sheinbaum!

She is set to take office on October 1 as Mexico’s first female president and first Jewish president.

Sheinbaum was the choice of the Mexican electorate and we respect that.

But how will Presidenta Sheinbaum be on immigration and related issues?

In her victory speech, she said the following about Mexican relations with the United States [my translations throughout article]:

“With the United States there will be a relationship of friendship, mutual respect and equality as it has been until now…”

I’m all for good relations with Mexico on issues of common interest. But notice what she said next:

“…and we will always defend the female and male Mexicans who are found on the other side of the border.”

What does the Mexican president-elect mean by “defending Mexicans” in the U.S.?

What she means is the government of Mexico will protect Mexican illegal aliens, meddle in U.S. immigration policy and attempt to win the loyalty of Mexican-Americans, including those born in the U.S.

How do I know? Because the Mexican government is already doing this. Every Mexican president, left, right or center, does this.

American politicians, after all, seem to have no problem with it.

For example, Oklahoma's Republican Governor Kevin Stitt recently appointed a Mexican diplomat to a state labor task force. I kid you not. (You can contact Stitt here).

As I reported here at Border Hawk in October, Claudia Sheinbaum did some campaigning among Mexicans in Los Angeles, California.

There, on U.S. soil, she declared, “No border can divide the Mexican people.”

Actually, a border, by definition, should divide lands and peoples.

On May 19, in the third Mexican presidential debate, Sheinbaum greeted Mexicans living outside of Mexico: “particularly the fellow Mexicans who are in the United States, more than 30 million Mexicans....”

That figure would include Mexican-Americans born in the U.S who are considered Mexicans in Mexico.

Isn’t this a threat to American sovereignty, citizenship and nationality?

Moreover, Sheinbaum subscribes to the “root cause” argument. According to that concept, the U.S. can end mass migration by dumping lots of money on Latin America. That’s an idea she promoted in the first debate.

Yeah, sure, like that’s gonna work.

Lest you think I’m picking on Mexico’s new president-elect, I’m not.

It’s not just her – most Mexican politicians say these sorts of things.

What do you expect?

Mexican leaders see the whole immigration scam as a great benefit to Mexico, or at least to its political class.

Allow me to explain how it works.

Poor – and some not-so-poor – folks leave Mexico and go to the United States.

That gets them out of Mexico, where they’re not spending resources or getting into trouble.

Simultaneously, they are sending money from the U.S.A. to Mexico.

If they get into trouble in the U.S., as they often do, then the Mexican government can make a great show of defending their poor, persecuted citizens in the racist U.S.A.

It also increases the Mexican and Mexican-descended population of the United States, hopefully giving Mexico more influence and power north of the border.

This is not some clandestine conspiracy. It’s all totally public and open.

The Mexican government doesn’t even hide what it’s doing because U.S. leaders don’t care. Or even worse, they facilitate Mexican meddling.

What a negative situation! Is there any solution?

The good news is, there is a solution.

The solution lies not in Mexico and its leaders, but in our government.

We need a government that will put America First.

An America First government would secure the border, shut down immigration, close the anchor baby loophole, protect American citizenship and not allow Mexican diplomats to meddle in our politics.

There’s nothing about an America First policy that is anti-Mexican. It just takes care of our country.

Meanwhile, Claudia Sheinbaum can take care of her country.

Isn’t that the best solution?

You can find more of Allan Wall's work at his website and Mexico News Report.

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