ICE Arrests Suspected Fentanyl Trafficker Wanted for Murder in Dominican Republic

ICE Arrests Suspected Fentanyl Trafficker Wanted for Murder in Dominican Republic
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

A suspected fentanyl trafficker who is wanted for murder in his home country was arrested by federal immigration authorities.

On Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced the recent apprehension of the suspect, a 27-year-old illegal alien from the Dominican Republic, at his residence in the town of Saugus in Essex County.

Federal authorities have no idea when or where the Dominican entered the United States, but say he was charged with trafficking fentanyl by a district court in Essex County in December of 2021.

In the same month, he was arraigned in West Roxbury District Court for strangulation or suffocation and assault and battery of a household family member, but those charges were later dismissed.

However, mere days or weeks prior to both incidents, “he became the subject of a criminal police warrant for the charge of homicide issued by a criminal court in the city of Bani in the Dominican Republic’s state of Peravia” in November of 2021, ICE explained in a press release.

ICE finally took the suspect into custody on March 21, but it is unclear why he remained on the loose in the U.S. for well over two years following his prior arrests in Massachusetts.

“This unlawfully present Dominican national fled his home country to avoid a murder trial,” ERO Boston Field Office Director Todd M. Lyons said in a statement.

“He made his way to Massachusetts and has been repeatedly apprehended by local authorities and charged with crimes of violence and drug crimes. ERO Boston will not allow the world’s offenders to take refuge in our communities.”

Authorities continue to catch dangerous foreign criminals illegally present in the U.S.

Last month, a Guatemalan citizen who entered the U.S. as an ‘unaccompanied minor’ and was later ordered deported was arrested in Florida for sex crimes in Oregon.

Weeks prior, a known MS-13 gang member with three prior deportations who is wanted for murder in his home country of El Salvador was arrested by ICE agents in Foxboro, MA.

In February, another MS-13 gangbanger from El Salvador with multiple convictions for sex crimes in the U.S. was arrested in Riverdale, Maryland.

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