Illegal Alien Arrested for Rape in Conservative Florida Town

Illegal Alien Arrested for Rape in Conservative Florida Town

Authorities announced the arrest of an illegal alien suspected of raping a woman at a hotel in Florida this week.

The disturbing incident unfolded on Sunday night in Englewood, a conservative town located in Charlotte County on the Gulf Coast.

Just after 9 p.m., Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) deputies received a call from a woman who said she had just been raped.

The woman said she had been talking to a man before inviting him to her room for drinks.

“According to the victim, it was at that time that the suspect pushed her onto the bed and forced himself on her without a contraceptive,” CCSO explained in a press release.

“The suspect fled from the scene immediately after, and the victim noted that he was darker-skinned and wearing a bright yellow jacket.”

Deputies reviewed security camera footage and confirmed a man matching the description and outfit described by the victim had accompanied her to her room before fleeing a short time later.

A hotel manager informed deputies the suspect was a guest there and directed them to his room.

The suspect opened the door wearing a red hoodie and claimed to have just exited the shower.

“During questioning, the suspect denied ever speaking with the victim, following her to her room, or engaging in intercourse with anyone,” CCSO says.

“When confronted with the video footage, Cruz-Ramos denied that the person in the video was him and stated that he did not even own a yellow jacket. It was at this time that he also advised that he was in the United States illegally.”

Two people staying with the suspect identified him from the surveillance footage and also confirmed he was the owner of a bright yellow jacket, which deputies saw in the room.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with sexual battery.

He was identified as 25-year-old Santos Felix Cruz-Ramos, a citizen of Honduras who allegedly works as a roofer and whose address was listed as the Sun Coast Inn in Englewood.

Incredibly, Cruz-Ramos was listed as “White” on his booking sheet.

Cruz-Ramos is being held at Charlotte County Jail on $500,000 bond and U.S. Border Patrol has been notified.

“I don’t care where you’re from. If you come to Charlotte County and you commit a crime, especially one as heinous as this, you will face consequences for that action,” Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummel said in a statement.

“I want to commend the victim for her courage to come forward with this. It is not an easy to thing to do, and because she did, we can make sure that he doesn’t do this to anyone else here.”

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