Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Woman During Carjacking In Michigan

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Woman During Carjacking In Michigan
Kent County Sheriff

An illegal alien from Mexico has been arrested in the murder of a woman in Michigan last week, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded just before midnight on Friday in Grand Rapids.

The body of a woman identified as 25-year-old Ruby Garcia was found on US 131 in downtown Grand Rapids after she was reportedly shot to death during a carjacking.

Authorities later arrested a man identified as Brandon Ortiz-Vite, 28, an illegal alien from Mexico, according to information obtained by The Midwesterner.

Ortiz-Vite is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday and could face a variety of charges, including homicide/open murder, carjacking, felony firearm, illegally carrying a concealed weapon, operating while intoxicated, and driving on a suspended or revoked license, the outlet reports.

Garcia’s sister Mavi, who says she is originally from Mexico, has made several posts on Facebook about the case, including one in which she asserted Ortiz-Vite is also “known as WALO” and is “from durango and puebla” in Mexico.

“I prefer not to give out information on their relationship,” Mavi Garcia told The Midwesterner when asked about Ortiz-Vite and the victim.

“He is currently in custody that’s all we know as of right now and he is/was here illegally.”

A Michigan State Police spokeswoman told the outlet they plan to release more information about the case soon.

An investigation and legal proceedings are ongoing.

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