Illegal With Lengthy Rap Sheet Bites Three NYC Cops After Arrest for Shoplifting – Police

Illegal With Lengthy Rap Sheet Bites Three NYC Cops After Arrest for Shoplifting – Police
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An illegal alien who has been arrested nearly 20 times in six months is facing new charges after he allegedly bit three police officers following shoplifting bust in New York City this week, according to reports.

Ysmael Qintero, a male illegal from Venezuela, was apprehended on June 9 while allegedly trying to steal three pairs of jeans from a Target in the Big Apple.

While being taken into custody, Qintero allegedly sank his teeth into an NYPD officer’s arm, causing a significant injury that required medical treatment, the New York Post reports.

Minutes later, Qintero allegedly bit the leg of another officer inside a precinct where he was being processed.

The cop was “only spared because the defendant bit him through his pants,” according to Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Olivia Stevens.

The Venezuelan was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital and while there, he reportedly chomped on a third officer’s finger.

At the time of the third attack, Qintero was banging his head against a wall and spitting, the injured cop said.

Qintero was ordered held on $50,000 bail and charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer and petit larceny.

“Qintero has remained on the streets despite racking up 18 petit larceny arrests, one misdemeanor conviction and five failures to appear in court in the past seven months. Those include a May 16 bust for allegedly swiping a bottle of cologne from a display at Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street, sources said,” the Post reports.

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