Illegals Aliens Begging Door-to-Door in Neighborhoods Near NYC Tent Shelter

Illegals Aliens Begging Door-to-Door in Neighborhoods Near NYC Tent Shelter
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Residents of neighborhoods near a tent shelter in New York City say illegal aliens are showing up on their doorsteps begging for money, food, and clothes, according to reports.

Last month, the Big Apple began bussing illegal aliens to a controversial makeshift facility at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, despite protestations of local residents.

Now, illegals staying at the shelter are reportedly shattering the relative peace and sense of security in the surrounding vicinity.

“We had a nice, close neighborhood group of people, now we have a literal invasion of people knocking on doors begging, asking for money,” 62-year-old David Fitzgerald, a longtime resident of Marine Park, told local media.

“There’s a lot of retired people here, a lot of families here. They’re at the stage of their lives where they like peace and quiet. This is the opposite. We’re not liking what we see.”

Fitzgerald, a legal immigrant from Ireland, says a Venezuelan man recently turned up on his stoop and used a translator app to ask for money.

Another man who has lived in the area for 30 years told the New York Post illegals are knocking on his door on a “regular basis.”

New Yorkers are reportedly raging about the escalating crisis in private groups on social media, urging each other to remain vigilant, “get your guns,” and to not “give in to the pandhandlers.”

“I mean, ‘Get your guns’ is not advocating for violence. It’s just saying, ‘Be prepared,’ right?” said Bren Lee, administrator of a Facebook group called Stop Floyd Bennett Illegal Migrants.

“We had 500 families there and nobody really saw any of them. But now that there’s 1,700 people in there and they’ve noticed a big change in the neighborhood. A lot of people are concerned.”

Local radio host and former mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa has been fielding concerns from residents and has vowed to pressure the city into cracking down.

“This begging has go to stop,” Sliwa said in a recent video posted to social media. “They should not be permitted to beg. The city is not disciplining them.”

“There’s no structure there. There are no rules or regulations. We’re going to force the city to do their job.”

Approximately 1,700 illegal aliens are reportedly staying at the Floyd Bennett shelter at this time.

InfoWars has been documenting mounting chaos in New York City caused by a flood of illegal aliens who have been arriving en masse since early 2022.

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