Illegals Defecating and Urinating All Over NYC Neighborhood

Illegals Defecating and Urinating All Over NYC Neighborhood
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A Manhattan neighborhood has been turned into a “giant toilet” by hordes of illegal aliens who are urinating and defecating in public, according to reports.

Tomkins Square Park and the surrounding area have been overrun by illegal aliens who congregate daily outside an overwhelmed shelter in the East Village.

Hundreds of illegals, a large number of whom are men from Africa and South America, can regularly be found loitering in the park, which only offers very limited public toilet options at the moment.

Locals and city workers are now finding piles of feces and cups full of urine everywhere, including in the streets and on private residential property.

“There was a cup of what I thought was somebody’s discarded hot chocolate that turned out to be not hot chocolate,” a street cleaner told the New York Post.

“On warmer days, it can smell like a toilet over here — and not a well kept-toilet.” 

Portable toilets that were previously installed while the park’s field house undergoes a lengthy renovation were removed last week because they were being defiled “to the point they could not be maintained,” a local official told the Post.

“Most of them want to pee in plastic cups rather than the ground, and they leave them on people’s door steps,” said one longtime resident.

A reporter from the Post who visited the park observed a male migrant urinating in public.

“I’ve cut this part of the park out of my [daily] walk because of the filth,” one local resident said.

“There’s several thousand people [coming to] this end of the park with no place to use the bathroom.”

InfoWars has been documenting mounting chaos in New York City caused by the arrival of more than 160,000 illegal migrants since early 2022.

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