Knife-Wielding African Migrant Terrorizes Passengers on Swiss Train

Knife-Wielding African Migrant Terrorizes Passengers on Swiss Train
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An African migrant wielding a knife was arrested after terrorizing passengers on a train in Switzerland this week, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded at around 3 p.m. on Thursday in the canton of St. Gallen.

Transport police were alerted about a man "threatening" riders with a blade in hand on a train passing between the towns of Sargans and Bad Ragaz, Kantonspolizei St. Gallen explained in a statement.

Cantonal police were notified and prepared to board the train at Bad Ragaz, but the suspect disembarked and was arrested immediately at the station.

He was identified as a 25-year-old migrant from Eritrea, an East African country that has seen many of its citizens migrate to Switzerland.

Authorities quickly blamed "mental illness" for the dangerous outburst, as European officials often do when migrants commit crimes.

"The man was apparently not drunk, but suffering from a mental illness that had been diagnosed by a doctor at an earlier point in time. At the time of the incident, the Eritrean was in an exceptional psychological situation," Tagblatt reports, citing a spokesman for the St. Gallen cantonal police.

Oddly, Swiss authorities and mainstream media have been circulating articles and posts featuring the same image of a man clearly not of Eritrean origin being placed into a police car.

It is unclear if the suspect will face criminal charges.

Infowars Europe previously reported from the scene of bloody street brawl between African migrants in St. Gallen and regularly documents attacks on and around public transportation in Western Europe.

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