Knife-Wielding Syrian Storms Kindergarten In Germany

Knife-Wielding Syrian Storms Kindergarten In Germany
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A knife-wielding Syrian migrant was taken down by police after he broke into a kindergarten in Germany during school hours this week, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded on Thursday morning in Aschaffenburg, a town in Bavaria.

A man carrying a knife entered school grounds and was making his way across the yard when school staff took action to shelter children inside and call police.

Officers arrived quickly and used pepper spray to neutralize the suspect.

“After the operation, Red Cross staff looked after the kindergarten staff and their children, as well as the parents. The reason for the Syrian’s behavior is not yet known,” Junge Freiheit reports.

The thwarted attack comes just weeks after a 4-year-old girl was stabbed at random by a Syrian man at a supermarket in Wangen, Germany.

The child survived but was seriously injured.

The 34-year-old suspect was immediately placed in a psychiatric hospital amid an investigation into attempted murder.

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