Luxembourg: Moroccan Suspect Arrested for Dismembering Woman

Luxembourg: Moroccan Suspect Arrested for Dismembering Woman
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Authorities in Luxembourg arrested a Moroccan man suspected of dismembering a Portuguese woman to whom he was related by marriage last month, according to reports.

On September 19, the body of a brutally mutilated female was discovered in Mont-Saint-Martin, a commune in France that shares borders with Luxembourg and Belgium.

Tattoos were used to identify the victim as Diana, a 40-year-old Portuguese citizen residing in Diekirch, Luxembourg, at the time of her death.

Investigators determined her likely killer was a 48-year-old male from Morocco whose nephew recently married Diana under dubious circumstances.

On Thursday, the suspect was arrested and charged with murder of a premeditated nature.

"He is the uncle of a man Diana married last summer," L'essentiel reports.

"A marriage that the Portuguese press, citing relatives of the victim, described as 'arranged' to allow the husband to obtain Portuguese nationality for money."

An investigation is ongoing.

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