Massachusetts Judge Released Illegal Alien Charged With 10 Counts of Child Rape

Massachusetts Judge Released Illegal Alien Charged With 10 Counts of Child Rape
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Federal authorities apprehended an illegal alien facing a slew of “horrific” child sex crime charges who was on the loose after a judge ignored an immigration detainer lodged against him back in 2022.

On Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced the recent arrest of a 53-year-old Brazilian man near his residence in Revere, a city near Boston in the ‘sanctuary state’ of Massachusetts.

The suspect has an extensive history in the U.S. beginning with a lawful entry on a 6-month visa back in 2001.

He remained in the country after the approved period and was not caught until March of 2007 amid an investigation launched for unspecified reasons by the U.S. Postal Service and police in Everett, Massachusetts.

The Brazilian finally self-deported over a year later in June of 2008, however, he reentered the U.S. illegally at an unknown location and time.

On December 20, 2021, he was arrested by the Everett Police Department on charges of indecent assault and battery on a child and rape of a child.

ICE immediately lodged an immigration detainer with the Middlesex County House of Corrections, where the Brazilian was being held.

“He was arraigned at the Middlesex Superior Court April 7, 2022, after being indicted for five counts of aggravated rape of a child by joint enterprise; one count of aggravated rape of a child-five year age difference; four counts of aggravated rape of a child-10 year age difference; one count of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14; and one count of obscene material to minor,” ICE explained in a press release.

Despite the gravity and quantity of charges against the Brazilian, a Middlesex Superior Court judge ignored the immigration detainer and ordered him released from custody on November 23, 2022.

He remained on the loose until Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers finally caught up with him on March 28.

“This Brazilian national has been charged with some horrific and disturbing crimes,” ERO Boston Field Office Director Todd M. Lyons said in a statement.

“This is certainly not the type of person that we want interacting freely with the children of our neighborhoods. ERO Boston will continue to work tirelessly to arrest and remove noncitizen child sex predators from our New England communities.”

2017 ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court made the state a de facto ‘sanctuary’ for illegal aliens.

Authorities continue to catch dangerous foreign criminals illegally present in the U.S.

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