Mexican President Slams DeSantis as "Anti-Immigrant"

Mexican President Slams DeSantis as "Anti-Immigrant"
Gobierno de México | Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced his candidacy for president.

Here at Border Hawk we can’t endorse candidates, but we can point out that Gov. DeSantis is on record supporting a secure border and has criticized Biden’s handling of it.

Florida recently passed a law, which is scheduled to take effect July 1st, that will prohibit bringing illegal aliens into the state or allowing them to take jobs.

This sounds totally reasonable to me, but the Mexican government doesn’t like it.

That’s not surprising. Mexican politicians don’t want the U.S. to have a secure border or enforce our own immigration laws. They want their northern border to serve as a safety valve for the Mexican population.

So for years, Mexico's leaders have regarded American immigration policy as fair game for commentary and even meddling. And most of our own politicians – from both major parties – don’t seem to care at all.

It’s as if they don’t take Mexico seriously.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known by the initials AMLO, made some comments about Ron Desantis in a press conference on May 25.

Here's some of what AMLO said (my translation):

“I also wish to take advantage of the occasion to tell Mr. Desantis, who yesterday announced [his candidacy] – you see that I wasn’t wrong. It was all politicking, right, on the migrants because he wants to be the Republican party candidate. Therefore, yesterday he announced and it’s the same anti-immigrant policy he applied in Florida.

By “anti-immigrant,” AMLO means any U.S. policy that secures our border and enforces our immigration law.

Next, AMLO publicly expressed his wishes about how Hispanics (not only Mexican-Americans) in Florida should vote.

“I hope that the Hispanics of Florida wake up and do not give him even one vote, that they not vote for those who persecute migrants, those who don’t respect the migrants, because the migrant, as it says in the Bible, deserves respect.”

In the Old Testament, Law of Moses, the Israelites were commanded to not mistreat foreigners in the land of Israel (see Exodus 22:21 for example). They weren’t commanded in the Law, however, to allow hordes of foreigners to invade Israel.

Enforcing our immigration law humanely is not mistreating foreigners.

AMLO even speculated about the legality of some DeSantis employees: “…[I]t could be that (DeSantis) has migrants working for him.”

If that were true, I think our own media would have informed us about it by now!

AMLO concluded that segment of his press conference by saying: “We have to be informing, informing, informing the people so they don’t offend Mexico, that they learn to respect us.”

In AMLO-speak, calling for a secure border and enforcement of U.S. immigration law is offending Mexico. That’s how Mexican politicians see it, so be aware of that when you hear them go off in this manner.

Earlier, I said most U.S politicians don’t care about their Mexican counterparts condemning our immigration policies or meddling in our affairs.

But there are exceptions. Ron DeSantis, for example.

On May 8, after the law had been passed but before it was signed by DeSantis, AMLO slammed it and the Florida governor.

Here’s how DeSantis responded: “Floridians won't let their immigration laws be dictated by Mexico City. I'll never back down from using the full weight of my office to protect the people of Florida by enforcing our immigration law."

Good for you, Governor DeSantis – and keep it up!

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