Migrant Arrested for Setting Fire to Amsterdam Asylum Facility

Migrant Arrested for Setting Fire to Amsterdam Asylum Facility
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A male suspect has been arrested following a massive blaze at a housing complex for 'asylum seekers' in the Netherlands this week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday morning in Amsterdam.

Emergency services were alerted about a “very large fire” that had broken out at Startblok Riekerhaven, a facility where hundreds of shipping containers have been repurposed to house 'young refugees.'

It took nearly six hours for firefighters to bring the conflagration under control.

A resident of the center with a history of 'psychiatric problems' was reportedly arrested under suspicion of arson.

“At the scene, the police officers found the 27-year-old resident. At that time, a fire had just started in the home," authorities explained.

Several inhabitants told local media they were familiar with the suspect, “with whom there had been problems for some time.”

The suspect was previously apprehended for destroying the belongings of a 32-year-old Syrian man living at the complex.

"He was taken away by the police but then he came back," the Syrian man said.

At least 75 apartments were reportedly damaged by the fire and hundreds of residents were evacuated.

There were no injuries reported, but several pets perished.

An investigation is ongoing.

This article was originally published by Infowars Europe.

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