Migrants Shot Dead by Mexican Soldiers Near US Border

Migrants Shot Dead by Mexican Soldiers Near US Border
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At least two migrants were killed and more wounded when Mexican soldiers opened fire during a vehicle pursuit near the U.S. border this week, according to reports. 

The incident unfolded at around 6 p.m. on Monday night in the Mexican desert near Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Mexican authorities encountered a vehicle carrying a ladder approximately 90 minutes west of Juarez, and when the driver refused to stop, a chase ensued. 

During the pursuit, soldiers shot at the fleeing vehicle, but it is unclear if they were fired upon first, according to Border Report

Two Guatemalan nationals were killed and four more citizens of Honduras and Guatemala were wounded. 

“Up to now, it has not been determined if there was an aggression on the part of the migrants toward the soldiers,” Chihuahua Deputy State Attorney General Carlos Manuel Salas explained during a press conference

“Once we are done deposing the injured and the soldiers, because this is a federal matter, we will be turning over (the case) to the Federal Attorney General’s Office (FGR). Once we are done with ballistics and autopsies, we will send to FGR.”

The driver and four more migrants escaped and have not been located, according to the latest available updates. 

“The Ministry of National Defense is presenting to us one possible participant. The other one has not been found,” Salas said. 

“They tell us that according to testimonies – and they have a video with the injured – that they (the migrants) were chased, did not stop and shots were fired.”

An investigation is ongoing.

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