Migrants Stoned to Death, Shot at Border Wall by Smugglers

Migrants Stoned to Death, Shot at Border Wall by Smugglers
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Two migrants were stoned to death and a third shot by human smugglers as they attempted to climb the international border barrier in Mexico last week, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded on Saturday in Tijuana.

The victims were reportedly planning to climb over the border barrier into San Diego, California, when they were attacked by smugglers with possible cartel ties.

Two of the migrants died from “repeated blows to the head with rocks,” while a third was shot, police told Border Report.

The injured migrant was taken to Tijuana General Hospital in critical condition.

“No one can go through there unless a payment has been made,” explained Tijuana-based human rights lawyer Soraya Vazquez. “The border barrier on the Mexico side has become a domain owned by cartels.”

“What’s worrisome is now you’re seeing intentional events brought on by cartels to exert their power along the border.”

Sources believe the migrants may have been unable to afford exorbitant fees demanded by cartel operatives and the attack may be used as a warning to others contemplating making the crossing without paying their dues.

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