Migrants Tortured, Raped at Stash House Near El Paso

Migrants Tortured, Raped at Stash House Near El Paso

More than a dozen migrants were reportedly rescued after being brutally tortured and sexually abused at a cartel stash house in Mexico, just minutes from El Paso, TX.

U.S. and Mexican authorities worked together to bust the human smuggling operation following the apprehension of two illegal aliens who surrendered to Border Patrol agents on June 8 in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, according to information obtained by Border Report.

The pair told agents they had been held at a house Juarez, Mexico, where they were beaten and severely burned.

They said were eventually released after their families paid ransoms to the criminal network holding them captive.

A joint probe by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Mexican agencies led officials to a structure in Anapra, a slum in Juarez that sits across from Sunland Park, NM.

There they found 13 migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, including two minors.

“The Central Americans rescued from the home had burns, broken ribs, ligature marks and bruising from beatings. Further investigation revealed that female migrants were victims of sexual assault. The migrants were poorly fed and forced to drink water from a toilet,” HSI told Border Report.

Four of the migrants were hospitalized due to the severity of their injuries.

Six suspects — four adults and two minors — were arrested on a variety of charges, including kidnapping, sexual assault, and weapons and drug offenses.

Investigators were told two migrants had been murdered at the house, prompting a search for bodies.

Immigration news outlet Border Hawk recently released a report about Anapra and nearby Sunland Park that showcases the shocking amount of human smuggling and cartel activity in the area.

This article was originally published at InfoWars.com

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