Mob of Illegals Climb Over California Barrier, ‘High-Five’ Border Patrol Agent

Mob of Illegals Climb Over California Barrier, ‘High-Five’ Border Patrol Agent
Screenshot | Rooted Wings

Dozens of illegal aliens brazenly stormed a fence in southern California under the watchful eye of a Border Patrol agent who gave them high-fives and hindered citizen journalists documenting the invasion, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded on Saturday near San Diego.

Local residents on ATVs say they were riding along the international frontier in Jacumba Valley when they encountered a cartel operative who threw a ladder over the border barrier and began ushering illegals of primarily Middle Eastern appearance into the U.S.

Incredibly, the fence-hoppers were undeterred when a Border Patrol agent arrived and began observing the incursion.

Footage and details were provided to California activist and reporter Rooted Wings.

“We saw a border patrol agent just watching,” the ATV riders told Rooted Wings. “When we went to ask some questions, we were told immediately to stop filming, then she drove off and blocked us from filming the people crossing the fence.”

“It was a bizarre encounter with border patrol: we witnessed her high fiving the people that crossed.”

The illegals can be seen changing into fresh clothes immediately after landing on U.S. soil and taking photos and videos of themselves to circulate back in their home countries to inspire more prospective migrants — a tactic coined “The Selfie Effect” by border journalist Auden Cabello.

In one clip published exclusively at Rooted Wings’ Substack, the Border Patrol agent can be seen apparently maneuvering her vehicle to prevent the ATV riders from coming closer to the group of illegals.

“She’s blocking our way,” one man says as the agent reverses the vehicle into their path.

The illegals were reportedly loaded into vans and whisked away to an unknown location.

For the first time since 1999, Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector is the busiest in the nation, with more than 37,000 ‘encounters’ reportedly recorded in April, more than 10,000 of which came during the final week of the month.

More than 140,000 single, adult illegal aliens have been released on the streets of San Diego County just since October 1.

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