More Than 1,200 Illegal Migrants Cross English Channel in 72 Hours

More Than 1,200 Illegal Migrants Cross English Channel in 72 Hours
Steve Laws | Twitter

Well over 1,200 illegal migrants bound for the U.K. crossed the English Channel in a span of 72 hours, according to reports.

A total of 616 people who departed from France successfully reached British shores on Sunday, most with the help of U.K. authorities.

Sunday was the busiest day on the Channel so far in 2023, the BBC reports.

The previous day, 154 migrants executed the crossing, bringing the weekend total to 770.

The rush continued on Monday as nearly 550 more boat migrants were fetched from small vessels and taken the rest of the way to England.

“545 illegal immigrants in 11 dinghies were ferried to the UK yesterday. That’s 1,245 in three days. Almost 9,000 this year,” British journalist Steve Laws reported on Tuesday.

“The number is already higher than those that arrived in the year 2020.”

Laws shared footage of smugglers and migrants launching watercraft from French beaches on Saturday, as well as other videos depicting similar crossings in-progress.

The latest massive wave of Channel crossings comes just days after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak touted his own efforts in reducing illegal migration to the U.K.

Infowars has been documenting the migration crisis on the Channel for years.

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