Multiple Stabbings in Montana by Illegal Alien Suspects

Multiple Stabbings in Montana by Illegal Alien Suspects
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Illegal aliens have been arrested following multiple unrelated stabbing attacks in Montana in February, according to reports.

At least three people have been seriously injured in separate incidents involving illegal alien suspects in Big Sky Country this month.

On February 4, Flathead County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) deputies were called to the scene of a crime in Kila, approximately 10 miles from Kalispell in Northwest Montana.

They encountered “an undetermined number of people in need of medical care,” including at least one person suffering from stab wounds, the Daily Inter Lake reported earlier this month.

Two suspects fled the scene but were later apprehended by Kalispell Police.

Little information was released about the suspects, but Montana radio host Aaron Flint later confirmed they were both illegally present in the U.S.

“Flathead County’s Sheriff’s Office coordinated efforts with the US Border Patrol and Homeland Security for the deportation process of two individuals. Due to their violent behavior and immigration status, we worked with Federal officials on their removal,” FCSO explained in a statement to Flint.

Flint says a spokeswoman for Flathead County also told him, “yes, the two who were handed over to Homeland Security were illegally in Montana/the US.”

On February 10, two more bloody attacks involving illegal alien suspects unfolded in Bozeman, some 300 miles from Flathead County.

Both incidents unfolded minutes apart at around 1:30 a.m. on that Saturday morning.

“A man walking home from downtown said two Hispanic men jumped out of their vehicle and began attacking him at the corner of Bozeman and Olive. The victim said the men attacked him with ‘knives or hammers’ and eventually stopped to chase another person, allowing the victim to escape,” KBZK reports, citing court documents.

Local police were alerted about another assault at around the same time in the same neighborhood.

A man told officers he was involved in a fight with two Hispanic men at a bar downtown.

The man and his friends were subsequently leaving the bar when the Hispanic men began pursuing them in an SUV.

The suspects ultimately tracked the victim down and slashed him repeatedly in the face, arms, and throat.

Authorities were able to identify the vehicle driven by the suspects, a Nissan Armada with Idaho plates, and located it in Bozeman days later.

Police began surveilling the SUV and arrested one of the suspects when he approached the vehicle from a nearby apartment building.

“More law enforcement resources arrived at the scene to set up a perimeter around the building. A total of 16 additional men were ordered out of the building, detained, and taken to secure locations to be interviewed,” KBZK reports.

Andres Felipe Lara Gonzalez, 25, and Santiago Machado Echeverri, 21, were each charged with two counts of attempted deliberate homicide and two counts of tampering with evidence and each ordered held on $300,000 bail.

Arrest records showed that detainers were filed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement against both suspects.

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