New Hampshire Governor Launches Task Force to Secure Northern Border

New Hampshire Governor Launches Task Force to Secure Northern Border
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A Republican governor in New England has unveiled plans to secure his state’s border with Canada amid a historic surge of illegal crossings under the Biden regime.

On Thursday, Gov. Chris Sununu announced the launch of the “Northern Border Alliance Task Force,” which aims to substantially ramp up immigration enforcement and patrols along the Canadian frontier.

“The Federal Government refuses to take action on our Northern Border,” the governor said in a press release. “They cut funding, limited our resources, and have thrown their hands up. Without adequate federal support, the state is stepping up.”

“Encounters with individuals on the terrorist watch list at the Land Border Ports of Entry along the northern border have doubled since 2017. This is a stark contrast to what we are seeing on the southern border, where Land Border Port of Entry encounters have decreased during that same time period. In fact, just this year, 85% of all land border encounters with individuals on the terrorist watchlist occurred on the northern border – while only 15% occurred on the southern border.”

Infowars has frequently reported on the explosion of illegal migration along the northern border of the U.S., particularly in Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector, which covers New Hampshire’s 51 mile international boundary.

Well over 6,700 apprehensions were recorded in Swanton Sector during Fiscal Year 2023, more than the previous 11 years combined.

“Our aim is to increase the presence and effectiveness of law enforcement in northern New Hampshire, particularly in communities in close proximity to the Canadian border. Given the rural nature, expansive geography, and sparse population of northern Coos County, local law enforcement resources are extremely limited,” explained New Hampshire Attorney General John M. Formella.

“The increase in personnel provided by the Northern Border Alliance Program and Task Force will add ten thousand patrol hours near the border through June 30, 2025. This will shorten response times to calls for service in the region, increase the effectiveness of crime detection and prevention in a remote area of the State, and enhance border security efforts.”

Gov. Sununu previously professed his state’s willingness to take control of the border and also fund those efforts, but could not obtain permission from the Biden regime.

“I can’t do the job of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). We are absolutely prohibited from doing that,” Sununu told Fox News in March. “My guys can’t arrest people for just walking down the roads or an illegal crossing.”

“Basically, we can pick up the phone and ask somebody to show up, but there’s no one on the other end of the phone right now.”

New Hampshire is the latest state to take more substantial action to control America’s porous international borders.

Texas is now erecting a barrier along its border with New Mexico amid an influx of illegal aliens coming through the neighboring state.

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