Oklahoma Governor Signs Law Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration - While Boosting Foreign Labor In State

Oklahoma Governor Signs Law Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration - While Boosting Foreign Labor In State
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Oklahoma's Republican Governor Kevin Stitt just signed HB 4156, criminalizing illegal immigration as “impermissible occupation." This law allows Oklahoma to remove and even imprison illegal aliens.

But simultaneously, Gov. Stitt set up a task force to promote amnesty and more foreign labor in the state of Oklahoma.

You can see the contradiction on Stitt’s gubernatorial website in a document entitled, "Governor Stitt Signs Bill to Defend Oklahomans from Biden's Open Border Policies, Launches Task Force to Find Legal Pathways for Workers."

Here’s how Stitt explains the task force:

“…[T]his is an opportunity for our state to continue to find solutions where the federal government has failed. That is why I am launching the Oklahoma State Work Permits and Visas (OSWPV) Task Force to find ways to bolster our workforce and create opportunities for those who are here contributing to our communities and economy. As I’ve said many times, governors should have more authority over the H1-B visa process so we can better address the workforce needs of our economies. This task force will be a step in that direction.”

How many working class Oklahomans struggle to make ends meet? Go to Oklahoma City and you can see many homeless people.

But the governor of Oklahoma’s priority is promoting foreign labor.

Stitt’s executive order practically apologizes for his signing of HB 4156:

“WHEREAS, I have been clear that House Bill 4156 is not aimed at the honest, hardworking Hispanic or other international migrant populations here chasing the American dream, enhancing our communities, economies, and way of life, and otherwise significantly contributing to Oklahoma’s tapestry..."

This is typical pro-illegal immigration rhetoric.

If they are illegal aliens they need to be removed from “Oklahoma’s tapestry."

“WHEREAS, the current federal administration has refused to responsibly issue work permits or visas to thousands of immigrants who have long filled gaps in Oklahoma’s workforce..."

Amazing. Stitt is criticizing the Biden administration for not bringing in enough immigrants! His solution?

“…[W]e must do our part to discover and provide pathways for migrant workers to legitimately contribute to our state without fear of being separated from their families and livelihoods and for Oklahoma businesses to hire and retain those valuable workers without unwarranted risk of deportation...”

Gov. Stitt justifies illegal immigration with the typical rhetoric to which we've grown accustomed.

Note this part:

"...for Oklahoma businesses to hire and retain those valuable workers without unwarranted risk of deportation."

That’s an admission that he’s referring to illegal aliens. If they weren’t illegal they wouldn’t be at risk of deportation.

The executive order establishes the Oklahoma State Work Permits and Visas (OSWPV) Task Force with these purposes:

1. Allow for immigrants here to pursue the American dream and contribute to our work force to secure work permits, work visas or similar documentation permitting them, to remain for established timeframes without threat of separation from their families and livelihood and
2. Provide universities, aviation companies, farmers and ranchers, oil and gas companies, and other industries Oklahoma heavily relies upon as its economic engine, the ability to hire and retain immigrants who do not present a threat to communities.

The goal here is a public-private partnership to increase cheap foreign labor in Oklahoma, at the expense of workers in the state.

The 11-person task force is composed of various Oklahoma officials, special appointees and the "Consul of Mexico in Oklahoma City or her designee."

Check it out – a foreign diplomat on a state policy task force.

Edurne Pineda is the blonde Mexican consul in Oklahoma City, who publicly campaigned against HB 4156 and spoke to Governor Stitt about it.

Stitt actually said he would like Edurne Pineda to help draft Oklahoma legislation on this issue.

Oklahoma’s governor reluctantly signed HB 4156 under pressure. But no problem, he can sabotage it with the help of the Mexican consul and the cheap labor lobby.

Think about it: Governor Stitt has invited a foreign diplomat to help craft Oklahoma labor and immigration policy.

Any American who cares about American workers and American sovereignty needs to keep a close eye on Governor Kevin Stitt.

You can find more of Allan Wall's work at his website and Mexico News Report.

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