Over 12,000 Illegal Aliens Invade US in One Day – Highest Ever Recorded

Over 12,000 Illegal Aliens Invade US in One Day – Highest Ever Recorded
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The number of illegal aliens encountered at the southern border in one day reportedly hit the highest level ever recorded as the Biden mass migration catastrophe spirals wildly out of control.

On Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection personnel logged more than 12,000 ‘migrant encounters,’ according to Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin.

The stunning one-day surge came after multiple consecutive days of more than 10,000 encounters along the southwest frontier.

As InfoWars often clarifies, the jaw-dropping figures do not include known or unknown gotaways – or illegal entries via other U.S. borders or ports of entry.

“Per CBP sources, there were more than 12,000 migrant encounters at the southern border yesterday, the highest single day total ever recorded. This includes 10,200+ Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal immigrants, amongst the highest daily totals for BP ever recorded,” Melugin announced via social media on Wednesday morning.

Melugin reminded readers that former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson once stated that more than 1,000 apprehensions in 24 hours was a “bad number,” while more than 4,000 was a “crisis.”

“I know that 1,000 overwhelms the system,” Johnson told MSNBC during an interview in 2019.

Massive groups of hundreds illegal aliens are now invading the U.S. at various points along the southern border every few hours.

On a near-daily basis, Border Hawk correspondent Efraín González has been documenting mobs of up to 1,000 illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass, Texas.

“It is the most chaotic December that has ever been recorded on this border,” González reported on Tuesday.

Every day, around 1,000 illegal aliens are also crossing into Lukeville, Arizona, many of whom are then camping out for lengthy periods while waiting to be picked up and processed by Border Patrol before being released into the U.S.

Chaos unfolds constantly along the U.S.-Mexico border, as InfoWars regularly reports.

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