PHOTOS: Border Hawk Climbs “Cartel Mountain”

PHOTOS: Border Hawk Climbs “Cartel Mountain”
Wid Lyman | Border Hawk

Mount Cristo Rey in Sunland Park, New Mexico, has been nicknamed “Cartel Mountain” and Border Patrol agents have admitted the area is under the control of foreign criminal networks.

Border Hawk climbed the mountain and discovered it is crawling with illegal aliens and cartel operatives.

“Illegals often descend the mountain, linger at the small monument to ensure the coast is clear, then make their way deeper into the US,” we reported on social media.

“At one point, a cartel scout was climbing behind us after guiding illegals to their destination.”

Our photos show groups of illegal aliens walking down into Sunland Park with apparently nothing blocking their path or authorities to deter them.

A warning on the Mount Cristo Rey official website reads:

“Due to the proximity of Mexico on the Southern edge of the mountain, visitors are cautioned not climb alone and always go in groups. Vandalism, assaults and robberies are still an ongoing problem and visitors are encouraged to visit on days when organized events are being held and security is on site.”

Fox News reporter Matt Finn visited the mountain last week and expressed shock at lawlessness in the area.

“Unbelievable. A Border Patrol agent in Sunland Park, NM just told us a mountain in the United States is ‘not ours’ anymore. ‘It’s theirs.’ Referring to Cartels. We literally spent five minutes on Mt. Cristo Rey and a group of illegals breezed by,” he wrote on social media alongside a video showing illegal aliens strolling into the U.S.

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