Poland: Young Man Stabbed, Beaten to Death by Migrants

Poland: Young Man Stabbed, Beaten to Death by Migrants
Police Wrocław

Two foreign men have been arrested following the brutal murder of a young man in Poland over the weekend, according to reports. 

The horrifying attack unfolded at around 5 a.m. on Saturday in the city of Wrocław. 

A 21-year-man was attacked during an altercation in the Old Town in the city center. 

A pair of assailants wielding a knife and improvised weapon viciously beat and stabbed their victim, ultimately killing him, Tu Wrocław reports.

Police arrested two suspects, both identified as 23-year-old men from Georgia, a transcontinental country in the Caucasus region. 

“Iusif K. and Elmar M. struck the injured Kacper S. in the head with their fists and using a knife, among other things, inflicting a number of injuries on the man, including head wounds and abdominal wounds, which, due to their severity, caused his death,” said Anna Placzek-Grzelak, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław. 

“One of the attackers had a knife in his hands, and he struck with both the blade and the handle.”

Wrocław police released photos of the suspects being taken into custody on Sunday. They reportedly face life in prison if convicted.

Government data reviewed by Kresy reportedly indicates that Ukrainians comprise the lion’s share of foreign criminals in Poland, but that Georgians commit crimes at a higher rate in proportion to their overall representation in the country.

This article was originally published by InfoWars.com

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