Posobiec: Do We Want to Be a Serious Country or Controlled by Davos Elites?

Posobiec: Do We Want to Be a Serious Country or Controlled by Davos Elites?

State and local authorities must use all the resources at their disposal to secure U.S. borders and bring mass illegal migration under control amid a catastrophic dereliction of duty by the Biden administration, according to journalist and commentator Jack Posobiec.

“We don’t have to live this way. We can use the tools of law enforcement to the best benefit of the people who live here,” Posobiec told BorderHawk.news in a recent interview.

Posobiec touted the need for escalating crises to be met with proportionate responses, including deploying the military to defend America’s frontiers when immigration authorities are overburdened.

“You see Poland calls up its border patrol, and if border patrol is starting to get overwhelmed, they get augmented by the national guard. This isn’t hard to do. Every other country in the world understands this,” he asserted.

“It really just comes down to: do we want to be a serious country, or do we want to be a country that is just controlled by corporate interests and political interests who have an agenda — of course, with their press secretary Klaus Schwab — that is dictated to them down from Davos and Brussels and the rest?”

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