Reporter Warns: “It Is No Longer a Border Crisis – There Is No Border”

Reporter Warns: “It Is No Longer a Border Crisis – There Is No Border”

Globalists are flooding the United States with millions of Third World migrants as part of a population “replacement” agenda aimed at creating a subservient underclass incapable of resisting tyranny, according to top crisis reporter Drew Hernandez.

“I’ve stopped calling it a border crisis. It is no longer a border crisis. There is no border anymore. The ‘southern border’ is no longer,” Hernandez told in a recent interview.

Hernandez says Mexican citizens are just as angry as Americans about migrants from around the world pouring through their country.

He also pointed out that a significant number of illegal aliens entering the U.S. are males, many of whom are “young… well-built, and they actually look well-fed.”

When asked his opinion about the roles of the United Nations and other international organizations in promoting and funding mass migration, Hernandez asserted, “The global agenda is replacement migration.”

“They want to import the Third World here in the United States. They want us to be a Third World country. They don’t want people who are literate about the United States Constitution or basic freedoms and laws. They just want us all to be peasants and they want everyone to be on the same page, where they don’t question anything and they don’t push back on anything.”

Hernandez highlighted on-the-ground reporting done by Border Hawk showing Antifa radicals aggressively confronting journalists in Washington D.C. as busloads of illegal aliens arrived from Texas. also discussed the Biden Border Crisis with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), political activist Alex Stein, and journalists Jack Posobiec and Tayler Hansen.


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