Rwandan Refugee Arrested for Threatening to “Shoot 1000 Students” at Indiana High School – Police

Rwandan Refugee Arrested for Threatening to “Shoot 1000 Students” at Indiana High School – Police
Hendricks County Jail

A refugee from Rwanda has been arrested for threatening to “shoot 1000 students” at a high school in Indiana, according to reports.

Merci Habimana, 18, was taken into custody last week and charged with “intimidation with threat of a forcible felony” after he sent messages to Brownsburg High School (BHS) expressing an intention to kill pupils and police officers, court documents obtained by local media indicate.

Habimana was enrolled at BHS at the time of his apprehension, which came after a slew of prior run-ins with law enforcement, including a recent incident for which he was already facing a felony charge.

On May 28, an anonymous user posted a comment on an Instagram account associated with the high school, stating, “I wanna kill three of them see u. Fc bhs I hate you all maybe 1 day in dis week I wish to shoot 1000 students before they going in summer break see you gloom Sunday.”

School police notified the Brownsburg Police Department (BPD) and investigators tracked the Instagram account and associated phone number to Habimana.

Authorities learned Habimana’s “home language is Swahili – Tanzania and
is a Rwandan refugee,” a probable cause affidavit states.

Habimana was taken into custody and brought for questioning at BPD headquarters.

“Merci said that two days ago, May 28, 2024 he was told the by the principal at Brownsburg High School that he would be held back as a Junior and would not graduate with the class of 2025. Merci admitted to being angry and upset over this,” the affidavit states.

The Rwandan reportedly admitted to writing the threatening comment but claimed he had no intentions of inflicting harm.

He was booked into Hendricks County Jail and ordered held until Wednesday afternoon, at which time he can post $1,000 cash bond.

Habimana was previously arrested on May 20 after BPD officers allegedly found him passed out drunk inside a parked car near the apartment complex where he reportedly resides with his parents.

Habimana reportedly threatened an officer and his family while resisting arrest.

“He stated when he got out he was going to find us. At one point I believed to hear him say he was going to kill me but due to his accent it was hard to understand. He also stated he would grab my gun,” the officer wrote.

The Rwandan was charged with felony intimidation and minor alcohol consumption and booked into Hendricks County Jail.

“Court documents show that, in addition to the police intimidation arrest, Habimana has been a part of several BPD runs between December 2023 and May 2024,” Fox 59 reports.

“One of the runs for a simple assault listed Habimana as an involved party and stated he was a sophomore at BHS.”

Investigations and legal proceedings in both recent cases are ongoing.

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