Seven Convicted Sex Predators Caught at Border Over Weekend

Seven Convicted Sex Predators Caught at Border Over Weekend
U.S. Border Patrol

U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) arrested at least seven convicted sex predators at the southern border over the weekend.

On Monday, USBP Chief Jason Owens revealed that a slew of foreign men with prior sex convictions were taken into custody, including some who abused children.

“This weekend, USBP agents apprehended 7 previously convicted sex offenders at the southwest border. Their crimes include Rape, Aggravated Sexual Abuse/ Assault, & Criminal Unlawful Contact w/ Minor,” Chief Owens stated on social media.

All of the men are presumably illegal aliens who were attempting to elude border agents.

The news comes amid a string of recent horrific sex attacks by illegal alien suspects across the U.S.

Last week, two Venezuelan illegals were arrested for the brutal murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray in Houston, Texas.

Investigators believe Nungaray was sexually assaulted for hours before her body was thrown into a creek.

Also last week, an illegal alien from Ecuador was arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint days prior in New York City.

Earlier this month, an illegal from El Salvador was arrested in Maryland for the brutal 2023 rape and murder of Rachel Morin, a mother of five children.

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