SHOCK: 14,500 Illegal Aliens Caught at Southern Border in ONE DAY RECORD

SHOCK: 14,500 Illegal Aliens Caught at Southern Border in ONE DAY RECORD
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Daily apprehensions along the southern border continue to break new records as illegal migrants from around the world flock to the United States in historic numbers.

According to official data obtained by the Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli, more than 14,500 ‘migrant encounters’ were recorded along the southwest frontier on Monday, an unprecedented figure that does not include known or unknown gotaways or illegal entries via other borders.

“Government numbers obtained from Border Patrol show yesterday had the most-ever immigrants encountered at the southern border: 14,509. This is a phenomenon like we’ve never seen before,” Giaritelli reported on Tuesday.

Four separate Border Patrol sectors reported having nearly or more than 5,000 illegal aliens in custody by end of day.

Thousands of illegal aliens poured into Del Rio Sector on Monday, with estimates ranging between 4,000 and 10,000.

More than 3,000 illegal crossings were recorded in Tucson Sector on Monday.

More than 4,000 encounters were recorded in the Rio Grande Valley, El Paso, and San Diego sectors, as well.

On Friday, Customs and Border Protection recorded more than 11,000 apprehensions along the southern border, but more than 13,000 nationwide.

Taking those figures into account, while also considering known and unknown gotaways and other frontiers, the true total of entries by illegal migrants on Monday may have been closer to 20,000 — a number posited recently by border security expert Michael Yon.

“A more directionally accurate number is 20,000 invaders per day. 600,000 per month. When including CBP1 app, gotta-ways, student visas, etc., 20k per day is easily within range if not conservative,” Yon wrote on X earlier this month.

“America is being killed. Many Americans will die tired, raped, and stupid.”

As news broke of Monday’s siege of Eagle Pass, Yon warned, “You ain’t seen nothing yet…I am upstream.”

Chaos unfolds constantly along the U.S.-Mexico border, as Infowars regularly reports.

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